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Sleep Disorder Treatment in Jaipur

Sleep means the sleep of chain, food for every creature, such as a basic and primary requirement. We spend one third of our life in sleep. From sleep, our body gets relaxed, strength and enthusiasm is communicated, body and mind become refreshed and hardened again. The funds that are worn out of the body are repaired, memory is rude, and our physical health persists. In this way, sleep can be said to us all the invaluable baksis received by nature.If you having any sleep problem at night you should must visit a Sleep Disorder Doctor in Jaipur. But it has been known by the practice of experiments, laboratory tests and sleep references that sleep is another form of unity.

The place of sleep is very important in our life, yet most of it has been neglected. Disorders of sleep- Due to lack of eligible diagnosis of diseases, complete treatment of such patients is also not mostly qualified. Due to this, there has been a significant decrease in the efficiency and pillar of the public. Good sleep keeps us away from diseases, provides comfort during the health, gives emotional relief in the time of stress.That’s why Narcolepsy Treatment in Jaipur is beneficial. Due to sleep disorder, most of the road accidents also occur due to the sleepiness during the day.

If the description of the patient's sleep related discomfort is more carefully understood, then most of his disorders can be understood and it can also be given a worthy treatment. The laboratory requires more concentration when the patient is blocked during sleep, breathing or epilepsy in sleep. In this case, he has tried to give brief information about sleep and attached disorders.

Structure and status of sleep Sleep is a fundamental process of humans… an organic clock (baptized). In one day the newborn baby ................ hour, to the child ............... hour, ten years old child .. .......... hour, adult person ........... hour and adult person ......... hours sleep required. Chhatmd is the two main conditions of the nidra and tailed somn. Normally, when a person is under sleep, the rapid speed of the eye-(Tanchapak Malam Uvamamdaj.s. . The terrace is the stage of the samasamach. The cycle of tedd and terrace state is in the Samay of the overall sleep… ...........the rotates for the same time by roaming. In the terrace state, the eyes lose their eyes. The eyelids are half false and its pupil becomes small. In addition to the nerves of the eye, the muscles of the body become relaxed against him. But the eye of the eye is quickly moved. Schwar is irregular.

Organic of sleep - chemical separation:

Some experiments have known that the element called cerotinine works in bringing sleep, while the element called Catekolamine is engaged for the awakening state. Collinerk neurotranslation is important due to the sleep of the system, in this stage the memory is ridiculous. After this, prostaglandin-D-platform, Malatonin etc. are considered sleepy stimulants. The effects of these stimulation are usually decent up to the terrace state of sleep. There are also some sleepy -ud -ridden immunity. The relationship between their immunological work and sleep -waking state has been found. Mantonin is secreted. Menatonin's secretion is not with sleep because he also has secretion in a person who is awake at night. It is low in light during the excitement of the retina. (The growth of Mentonin increases sleep). Hypocretin element is important for the awakening. His deficiency causes narcolepsy and more sleep disease during the day.

  • Disorders of sleep
  • Unqualified Nidra- (Kalevudapay)
  • Deranged sleeping or distorted sleeping
  • Society
  • Another disorder
  • Insomnia

The word insomnia is the only facility, despite the absence of deep sleep. This kind of insomnia does not sleep, wake up before the sleep period, waking up again and not enough and deep sleep, or these three types of conditions are included. ................ percent adult persons have this problem. It is a matter of surprise and sorrow that most people are not decorated for its treatment. This insomnia can be divided into three parts as mentioned below:

  • Insomnia
  • Insomnia due to the reasons like allergies of food items, high altitude of site, reshuffle of environment or not starting sleep.
  • Working in the shift, changes in timzon or insomnia due to the irregular method of sleeping and waking up.

Side effects of insomnia:

If the disturbance of insomnia lasts for a long time, according to the new amendment, the patient can suffer a lot of physical and mental damage. Such as extreme, depression, diabetes, grossness, blood pressure, horticulture, epilepsy seizures or increasing, desire for suicide or habit of drug addiction. Therefore, a well -planned treatment of insomnia is very important.

Insomnia treatment:

Generally in the disease or other unusual coincidences, for short time, the main medicine is given for the treatment with the main medicine for treatment. If patients who do not get sleep or obstruct sleep, they quickly affect them, such a sleeping medicine proves useful (Jholpidem, Florurezepam, Trayozlam). Patients who have been victims of insomnia for a long time should not give medicines for a long time. But the cause of insomnia should be found. These types of patients should also make routine with the time of sleeping time, stay physically active during the day and encourage some light exercise to work three hours before sleeping. Should be free from stress.

Sleep Paralysis Treatment in Jaipur, reduce sleep, such reasons should be changed, such as:
- Caffeine beverages, stereroids and brain should not be used to use medicine.
- Tambaku and BD-cigarette intake can also cause insomnia.
- Severe physical illness, such as Hadya Disease, Paralysis, Cancer, etc., such unprotected anxiety and fear should be removed.
Sometimes after treating insomnia, when the medicine stops the medicine, then insomnia should not be worse than before.
Frequent hydropower of unstable legs and legs

Symptoms of unstable (Tamazme) legs such as disorders are deformed in the sleep of the time. In these types of symptoms, the patient complains of pain like the pain caused by the knees being in the back of the leg and the Pindi. In these symptoms, a little stir of the feet also gives a short time relief. In this way, this symptom is natural but sometimes they indicate peripheral neuropathy. Like this, other disorders are repeatedly caused by the volatile movement of the foot, for which more sleep of the day is also due to the cause. The disease is mostly seen in patients suffering from anemia (anemia).


Dopamillergic medicines, oxicadone, gabapantine, treatment of lack of luts Breathing in sleep: (Vasamamch.chamam Kardatkatavum), there are mainly two types of it. Speaking vigorously in sleep, breathing in sleep and more sleep during the day is the main symptom of it. As mentioned further, breathing remains irregular in the state of sleep. Sometimes, breathing looks stalled for seconds. In the early stages of sleep, this type of obstruction of breathing is not a disease, but in many people this aspiration occurs frequently and it lasts for longer than …… the second. Respiration occurs due to obstruction in breathing, either breathing. If the upper respiratory tract (chintaldahman pantal) is small or suppressed, it can occur. After bedtime, there is respiratory and the blood decreases in the blood and carbon dioxide increases. For this reason, you have to get up suddenly from sleep and then the breathing is simple and again comes sleep. Due to this many times, there is a deflection in deep sleep, due to which the patient remains more sleepy during the day. If insomnia remains for a long time, the functioning of the brain is visible, which can change the intellect, personality and elaborate. Quicated Haday is tied. Such death may not occur in sleep or blood pressure may also occur. This symptom is known as Pikaviki (Chapabupabapabapand Kuttavum) syndrome in obese -borne people. This disease is more in adult, men. If a person with a gross body comes out loud in the sleep, then it should be thought about the disease. Polysomnography test is the main in the diagnosis of this disease.

The respiratoryway becomes simplified by leaving intoxication with intoxicating inflammation like alcohol.

Weight should lose weight.

Chit (ainchpadam) gold should be shortened and the tongue does not go inside the mouth, so the use of worthy means, etc., keeps breathing with the use of a qualified means and should make a habit of breathing from the nose.

Sleeping can relieve the right or left side.

Many times the breathing machine (BC) and the trachea also require holes.

Medicine -like medicine reduces the day's sleep.

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