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Brain Hemorrhage

In the case of paralysis caused by deformity in the brain taps, there are almost a case of brain hemorrhage (brain bleeding). Other thrombosis or embellizing.
In this disease, considered as a very serious disease of the brain, in the common language, if it is said to be the blood vessel or due to such reason, the blood coagulation occurs in the brain, and in a moment, most of the patients become funeral Is. And in this disease, the death rate is also high.

There are mainly two types of Brain hemorrhage:

  • Interasarebral hemorrhage:
  • Due to increasing blood translations or gathering in a liquid ducts called amylide (from amaloid angiopathy) hemorrhage is in the brain.

  • Sub Arekonoid Hemorrhage:
  • Hemorrhage caused by an unnatural type of fuggy (secular aneurysm) on the blood vessel, or a bizarre brain (AV Malfomerous) of the brain's blood tubes.
    Apart from this, due to the side effects of drugs useful in slowing the process of freezing the process of freezing the blood called anticoiguult, head wounds, blood thinning disease, blood collecting blood in the brain due to bursting of lumps of cancer, due to brain infection and such Many other reasons also cause brain hemorrhage.

Interasarebral hemorrhage:

Due to blood sender, hemorrhage is caused by the bursting of the tap inside the brain. Most of this hemorrhage has been seen in many places of the brain (such as cerebral, putain, thelam, the cerebelimak), and the neuro-fijians find out as soon as the hemorrhage brain has been tested as soon as he examines the pest.

Amailid Enjigepi Most of the elders found in adult people is the hemorrhage disease inside the brain, which can sometimes be again again.

After making immediate diagnosis of all these hemorrhage, care should be initiated in Penban- mainly BP. If you get a worthy treatment of inflammation of the brain by taking control of control, then in the case of hemorrhage, the evidence of death can be reduced, which is almost in the present time ........ to ........ from ........ .What is more. In some patients, life can also be saved by undergoing surgery at a qualified time in the case of hemorrhage or hemorrhage in a small brain hemorrhage or putain. But for all these - can take awakening, immediate treatment, quick treatment and mastery and quick decisions and such neuro -fijachans and neurosurgeons as well as all facilities (ventilator machine, option theater) are required.


While working, a sudden headache, vomiting, dizziness, darkness in front of the eyes (all these can be symptoms of high blood sender). Epilepsy, fighting, paralysis and patients in a moment of faintness and breathing started running fast - so all these are usually signs of brain hemorrhage.

Diagnosis and immediate treatment:

C.T. Scan or MRI It is extremely necessary to get an immediate check. Also, where is hemorrhage, how much blood has accumulated, whether there is swelling in the brain or not? Such and other information is also found many times by this test. The patient whose breath is systematic and the blood pressure is not extremely high, then before taking the patient to the hospital, CT in the city. If the scan facility is available, then the brain C.T. It is more beneficial to take Sken Karva to the hospital, because even if there is a hamery of hemorrhage, CT. If a diagnosis like thrombosis or lumps, subdural hemorrhage or brain enhancement comes out in the scan, then the entire treatment is different. But if the condition of the patient is critical, then after immediate treatment in the hospital, C.T. Should be scanned.

Instead of destroying time to call the master doctor in any type of serious neurological castes, it is necessary to admitted the patient to the immediate hospital with the help of a family doctor instead of waste time, or if possible, first CT. Take it for the scan, complete awakening towards this is very necessary. It is a good thing if the master doctor can come immediately home, but generally in their arrival, the very nice time of the hour is destroyed and the resulting treatment delay in the treatment of the patient will never compensate the patient in the brain it happens. If the family doctors may not even come soon, then the best solution is that the patient should be taken to the immediate nearby hospital and should make arrangements to call the eligible doctor till then.

This is a certain reason behind writing this in great detail, that most of it is seen being against it. Emergen Medicine, Critical Ker, it is a completely different supersonic or concept department of medicine, in which only one second in the context of humanity, by saving one second, is taken by the master doctors. His train to save life is very beneficial. This work should be done in this way. In which no type of argument or intervention is acceptable.

BP while checking at the patient's house If you know more, then in the case of hemorrhage, B.P. Family Doctor does the required treatment to bring down the immediate down. In the case of thrombosis, blood pressure should not be reduced in the beginning. By doing this, there is definite loss. Then in the case of bh thrombosis, the blood sender increases more or if the heart of heart disease is started, then the blood sender should be normalized.

If the brain feels more inflammation, then the injection (menitol, lacics) of the immediate inflammation at home can give a family doctor, during that time the patient can go to the hospital. If epilepsy comes, it should not be delayed in its treatment.

C.T. After scan, sometimes lumbar puncture is also done for diagnosis. But if there is more inflammation in the brain, then most of the patients may suffer more due to this test. (This should not be done in the case of a serious patient.)

In the hospital, such a patient naturally: ICU. (It is beneficial to keep in the body, where continuous monitoring is done with qualified treatment. If necessary, enzygraphy etc. should be done in checkable time and if needed, blood is taken out of the brain by surgery. If the blood has become hemorrhage due to damage due to damage in the blood, then the qualified damages are completed. The side effects of the drug (in which the warfarin or acetrum medicine runs in the case of the heart of the heart) is tried to stop the hemorrhage. This is the main situation due to many side effects of medical treatment. In some cases of hemorrhage caused by such and blood pressure, Novo Coven Drugs (Koigulation Factor Consumption) is effective.

Anticogulet medicines: This medicine stops blood freezing, she can hemorrhage her side effects in some cases. Therefore, if this medicine goes on, it is very necessary to give close information about the effects of effect to the patient. From per ....... to ......... during the day, the bloodstream called Chatavajitavupada Japumadhapachhat has to be done regularly. If systematic care is taken, then thousands of patients can lead a good life without any kind of trouble. Thousands of lives have been seen improving with important medicines like insulin, due to the high amount of insulin, due to the reduction of sugar, many sudden deaths occur, it is also in the medicines of these diseases.

Therefore, regulation of blood pressure, inflammatory medicine, qualified nursing and complexity - complication - is needed by taking medicines and getting surgery, then such an interaisarabral hemorrhage patient can be saved mostly. If there is a paralysis after saving life, then by the treatment of exercise and qualified medicine, the efforts should be kept for a long time to re -work that part. It is true that the death in the case of hemorrhage is more than thrombosis, but once knowing, improving paralysis is also more quick than a patient of thrombosis.

All Arynacated Hemorrhage:

This hemorrhage is completely different from the above hemorrhage. Most patients do not have blood pressure in this. Most of the patients are young and most of them have a balloon in the blood tubes due to congenital weakness (secular aneurysm) or the blood vessels have a clump (called AV Malforming), that some age In the sudden hard work or herself, the blood is spread to the subcanoid space between the two coverings of the brain and the found, it is called subcanoid hemorrhage.

The important thing is that according to an estimate every ………, on an average, a person can have such balloons in the brain ducts and despite weakness from birth when it will increase, when will it burst, when It is not determined and it does not get torn throughout his life. If the qualified summary is not found, then once the bursting, on average, ........ to ............ patient dies in a month only It happens. Being so terrible, it is as important as it is necessary to understand this disease. The bizarre thing is that most of the patients do not have any kind of preparation and suddenly become hemorrhage. But the same side of the head (such as above the right side-behind the ear) half-like pain, which does not go to the other side and keeps coming in between, then at least according to the opinion of a group of master doctors according to the opinion of a group of doctors. M.R. Enziography of Brain Test should be done.

By this test of the brain, the brain and mainly blood vessels to the blood vessels without an average ………………… such a balloon called anurizham , Whether it is or not it can be said. Its cost is almost Rs. It is not yet agreed to get this test done in all such cases. But according to my experience and opinion, it is beneficial to get this test done in the pain of the half -headed on the same side.

The thing that makes the most attention in the symbol of this disease is that the patient has never experienced life before in life. Someone also has epilepsy together and due to swelling in the brain, the patient also becomes transient faintness. Generally, the patient becomes faint again after coming into the hurry. Be it paralysis or oil breath, B.P. And the heart etc. deteriorated, immediate or ........ to ........... patient dies in the day. Therefore, whenever the patient says that he has never had such a headache in life and at the same time there is a single mark, then a neurologic check should be done without missing, resulting in timely treatment can be saved from time to time.

Checking brain ducts:

A test called angiography is the main medium of such investigation. MR Angiography is this type of investigation, in which M.R. The tubes are examined by the I. K Mangnet. No kind of catheter is put in the veins of the body, so it is called a non-invaging test. For coronary angiography, always the catheter is inserted into a hose, which also contains some dangers. This does not happen in this. In that type of test, ........ to ........ as much as the surety can be decided, so you can use it as a screening test. The most trusted test

Convenient for - can be called Vastal Engiography or Digital Substraction Angiography (C.). whistle. Angiography is a new technique, in which .......... more than Mm MM, a balloon (. As much as you can be seen. If there is aneurism (balloon) in angiography, you can be seen immediately. Such ........... percenational caps contain more than one aneurysm. For this, angiography of the four tubes of the brain should be done. If there is a need for option, then it is easy to treat all aneurisms in mind.

In addition to this, the clump of blood tubes is also seen in the angiography, which is called Arterio-Wenus Malformashan (AV Malformashan). These types of patients get hyster-zakari of primary headache. Sometimes epilepsy comes or many already have paralysis of one organ.

DSA in some cases of sub -rconoid hemorrhage (Angiography) Normal also comes. Of this, there are so many small aneurism in the case or if there is a very small clump (cryptic AV Malformeshan) or the tube is narrowed (vajhospazham), then angiography normal comes. For this reason, in such a case, it should be done again after ………. Only after this can be said that there is no such reason for hemorrhage. In such a situation, it is called Idiepeethic sub -curinoid hemorrhage.

Side effects

Once the blood tube bursts in this disease, it can be burst again at any time in a month (called Tmasmakpadhah) and in such a case it becomes very difficult to escape the dead. Similarly, during the four to twelve days of hemorrhage, the hose shrinks after the balloon, which is called Vesospasham (Tonvechanu). Symptoms such as paralysis and reduced gathering in it are main. It can often be stopped with the help of medicine. After that, most of the sodium elements in the blood decreases (it is called umbilical). Epilepsy can also also be.

Once you are carefully treated, all well -qualified cases are cleaned to aneurism by surgery of brain hose. Or the telephone coating is done. Sometimes a carotid artery is also treated by tying the neck. As soon as the second summary method of surgery is used. This makes the balloon filled with things like metal spring. Due to which the blood does not accumulate in the balloon, the overall process produces BSVJ (formation) in the blood vessel. This process is completely free (Chhawad. It is dependent on how much koil (boatse) has been used; Almost ........ to ......... lakh to .......... million can be. Through all these, Tmasamamkapadah can be prevented completely and the death rate can be reduced. The cost of surgery mentioned above is almost Rs. Lakh to …… lakhs. Such surgery is possible near surgical danger.

A. V. Blok Regence or Ligshan is used for technical use for Malforming, or is burnt by protonbeam. Nowadays the use of Gama Knife is more prevalent. In which the source of cobalt can burn it carefully with the gamma rays centered by Gama Knif. In which there is no problem, there is platinum hungry and embolism. AV of small or medium height that occurs in the outer part of the brain. Opposition for Malforming is the best in the very important place of the brain or in the interiors of the brain ....... And less than that of AVM For the Steerotectic Radio Surgery (SRS-Gama Knif) is the best. While the ambitious patients can be relieved from the ambitious ............. to the patients. Sometimes embolism can be used in the patient, looking for great surgery. This is the aneurysm and A. Both V. Malformashan can be used in both.

Cortical Venus thrombosis:

Sometimes the flow of blood in the brain is closed. Sometimes the main vein reserves (Tamdavane aden) are blocked, then the flow of the brain becomes disorganized. Both hemorrhage and thrombosis are Vikria. This is the specification of the disease.

KamnCB has talked about two. In most patients, diagnosis is very late. The information of general doctors is also less in this. It definitely has a neurology specialist - especially in bizarre type of headache (neurology), if it is necessary, MRI, Brain (Dutp) MRI Vinograms (Dutt) should be done mostly. The diagnosis is caught in it.

The second person is that after the first one to four weeks, this disease is more within one to four weeks. Due to ignorance in small villages and due to lack of medical facilities, the death rate is also high. By having blood gaddha (jipba) (bhlchmatbavanasamasamamamme), by decreasing water in the body (Kemilkatanjapavad compulsion), cane in the body and the rise of cancer in the body and lupus, hyper homeocystinemia, anti phospholipid sendrome .... etc. it happens. Headache- Especially increasing headache, vomiting, epilepsy should not be ignored. If such a mark or epilepsy comes after the situation, then immediately the Dardi should be taken to a good facility. Dutt should be done. Blood thinning medicine, (bhmchantapad, compulsion) The patient becomes healthy with the immediate soul that eradicates the medicine of inflammation of the brain, epilepsy, headaches, etc. Sometimes (Tamdavane jitvuivaivashape) can be saved by thrombolice and surgery. But enacingment (tintious) medicine and fifty medicines should be taken for a long time.

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