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Migraines are a moderate to severe throbbing pain in the head (usually on one side, but sometimes both), that often includes nausea, dizziness, facial tingling or numbness, visual disturbances, or sensitivity to light, sound, or smell. They can happen as often as several days per week. Each person may have their own combination of symptoms, and they can change from one migraine to the next.

Epilepsy is diagnosed by a physician or nurse practitioner. The health care professional may ask questions about the seizure such as what happened before, during, and after it. The person will also have an electroencephalogram (EEG) test to measure the electrical activity in the brain. Additional imaging tests such as MRIs and/or CT/CAT scans might be done as well. Then, based on the information gathered, a diagnosis of epilepsy might be made.

Cervical cancer begins to develop when normal cells in the lower portion of the uterus change or mutate. They first become pre-cancerous. When pre-cancerous cells grow out of control, they may spread to nearby tissue, as well as other parts of the body, and if left untreated, they may grow into a mass, or tumor. The process of pre-cancerous cells developing into cancer often takes years. Cervical cancer is most frequently diagnosed in women between the ages of 35 and 55. It’s uncommon for cervical cancer to be diagnosed in women under age 20, while about 20 percent of cases are diagnosed in women older than 65.

Spondylosis is caused by chronic wear on the spine. This includes the disks or cushions between the neck vertebrae and the joints between the bones of the cervical spine. Over time these changes can press down on (compress) one or more of the nerve roots. In advanced cases, the spinal cord becomes involved.

There are many different movement disorders. Some of the more common types include: Ataxia, the loss of muscle coordination. Dystonia, in which involuntary contractions of your muscles cause twisting and repetitive movements.


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