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Epileptic Seizures Treatment in Jaipur

are you looking for the Epileptic Seizures Treatment in Jaipur? right now you are on right website at Dr. Ravindra Singh is the best Seizure treatment Doctor in Jaipur Dr. Ravindra Singh is a highly experienced neurologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of epileptic seizures. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has helped numerous patients effectively manage their seizures. Dr. Singh is known for his compassionate approach and his commitment to providing personalized care to each of his patients. Epilepsy means repeated epileptic seizures or dizziness and falls or fits. A single epileptic seizure is not called Epilepsy. This is a kind of brain disease, in which tremors and tremors are felt in the body due to excessive generation of electrical waves in the brain for a short time. There are many Best Seizure treatment Doctor in Jaipur who are well trained and specialized in this field. About 1 person out of …… can develop Epilepsy. According to this, about one crore people in our country are suffering from this disease, but according to a conclusion, ...........people had epilepsy at least once in their life. It is like having epilepsy in fever. Epilepsy has been reported to occur in .......... to .......... percent cases since childhood. At that time, in the absence of its proper treatment, the patient may suffer physical and mental harm in the future. Epilepsy patients can lead a healthy-normal life if they take proper treatment..............Percentage of patients get rid of this disease permanently in two to three years after taking medicine. She goes. That’s why we recommend you to take Epilepsy Treatment in Jaipur so that you recover fast.

Main causes of epilepsy:

  • Birth injury or lack of oxygen.
  • Road accident or other type of brain injury.
  • Lumps of the brain ie brain tumour.
  • Reduced circulation of blood to the brain.
  • Encephalitis (such as TB or neurocysticercosis)
  • Heredity
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Decrease in the amount of sugar in the blood.
  • Epilepsy is found even in cases where none of the above causes apply. unrecorded

There are three main types of epilepsy:

  • Detailed- Detailed types of epilepsy
  • Limited - Monitoring type of epilepsy
  • Indeterminated
Sub types of these three types of epileptic seizure treatment in Jaipur:
(1) Janarlased Seizer:
  • Grandmal Epilepsi means epilepsy of the whole body; Jawadapab. Is. This type of epilepsy is called big epilepsy. After coming to the husk, the patient usually stays in a semi -conscious state or sleeping for some time. Paralysis may occur for some time. Many times before epilepsy arrives, the patient gets signal-conscience, which Aura;.
  • Petitmal (Abson): In this type of epilepsy, the patient becomes angry, stunned, stunned, zero and deranged, as if blackout has been done. It has two types
  • (A) Myoclonic sequence: In this type of epilepsy, the patient gets transient shock in the hands and feet and the object of the hand falls, the patient remains in the husk.
  • (B) In addition, tonic, clonic and atonic are some such prolifices in the generalized session.
Two sub -types of parcers seizure:

(A) Simple Personal Seizhar: In this way the patient is in conscious state and one side of the body is drawn or tingling, etc.

(B) Complex Personal Seizhar: When the patient loses momentary husks with symptoms like simple political cesar, it is called the complex percerted sezher. In this type, the patient loses the husk for a moment, sometimes he behaves strange and then comes to the hurry. This situation is also called small epilepsy.


When the patient remains on epileptic seizures continuously for more than more than hours or in the midst of epilepsy, that serious situation is called States APLEPTICS. This is a medical emergency. The Dardi should immediately start Sarwar by filling in the nearest hospital. Despite the dense Sanwar, .............. can lead to death.

Psychogenic cease: hysteria

Another disease with symptoms, such as epilepsy, is hesteeria. It is a mental illness and does not cause brain pain. This disease is found specially in women. The treatment of a doctor of mental illness can be freed in this disease.

Fabraral convision means fever -enacted epilepsy:

Sometimes young children usually get epilepsy in fever. Generally, after the child is five years old, such epilepsy ends itself. There is no harm in the brain, it should be confirmed. Those who have epilepsy in fever, such children do not have fever, should take full care towards it. Immediately, Parasitamol medicines and medicines called Clobbazam should be given. Cappent kept in the anus. This medicine can be re -given after twelve hours. Or by putting immediately with a medicine, dropper or synergism called the teeth or tongue, the epileptic seizure can be prevented. It is necessary to stop such epilepsy: as epilepsy comes again and again, in future, the visit to the complex shipment or generalized seizure can begin. (........... in the darling)?

Epilepsy visits means that epilepsy comes, then keep these things in mind:

Make the patient sleep with one side and loose clothes. If the tongue does not come between the teeth, keep a handkerchief or goat in the mouth gently in the mouth, but do not put too much emphasis for it. Immediately request the advice.

If the patient gets wounds or repeated epilepsy, medical advice should be taken. If needed, arrange for the intestine or the intestine in the vein, or immediately admission the patient to the hospital.

Epilepsy patients can live healthy-normal lives, marry and female patients can conceive. By using some epilepsy medications during pregnancy, the child suffering mostly does not cause any harm, such as carbamagepine, lemotridin and levatiracetam. But if epilepsy comes from stopping the medicine, then the loss of the child proves to be more bad due to lack of oxygen in it. Therefore, pregnant must take medicine.

Epilepsy check:

A detailed report of epilepsy should be prepared for examination. In which you have seen epilepsy, all the information should be collected from that person. Then for more information about epilepsy, treatment method and disease, brain graph (EEG), brain photo (ie CTSan) and if necessary, MRI. There should also be a scan named. Apart from this, blood test, X-ray-like X-ray-like other investigation of the brain and chest should also be included as appropriate.

Treatment of Epilepsy:

Knowing the reason of Epilepsy, it is necessary to have qualified treatment. Apart from this, this disease should stay away from the situation like being uncontrolled. Therefore, awakening, stress, hungry or more mental or physical labor should be avoided. Apart from this, this disease can definitely be controlled by taking proper medicine for a long time. The medicine should not be tied suddenly. Regular phool-up is very important, when it comes, you should contact immediately.

Main Drugs of Epilepsy
  • Finobarbitone: eg. Gardinal, Bital
  • Fanitoin: eg. Aptoin, dilantin, appsoline
  • Japil in Carbo: Ud. Jane, Jeptol, Tigreal, Mezhetol Carbatol,
  • Walproyet: Ud. Walperin, Econters, Epillax, Torweight

According to new technology in carbomagepin and wallproyat, sla-relief (slowly and longer stay effective) is also found, such as Tagratal-CR, Walprol-C. R. Adi, due to this, the proof of the medicine remains the same throughout the day and has to take the medicine only twice a day. The new alkali diolance of Walproyat is now more prevalent.
Detailed information is given in the episode ………… about the side effects of the main drugs of epilepsy.
Doctors determine the proper medicine based on the symptoms and types of the disease. In the last few years, there have been many new amendments with this disease, new medicines have also been discovered. New research can be divided into medicines and surgery into these main two parts, in which: New drugs (second generation) are notable gabapenteen, lemotridin, vigabetin, tiagabin, failbamet, topiramide. These medicines are F.D. of America a. (Federal Drugs Othority) has been approved as epilepsy drugs in the market due to strict testing. Generally these medicines are relatively expensive. If the results of the main medicine mentioned earlier are not available, then these medicines are used only. Mostly the side effects of these drugs are less. Nevertheless, bizarre side effects are found in some cases. For example, from Topiramide, about ............ percent patients have kidney stones. There is less experience for side effects of these medicines for a long time, but these medicines are probably safe during pregnancy, that is, these medicines will not have a bad effect on the child born, it has been found. In this way, when the main drug is not successful in a worthy case or has side effects, then new medicines must be used. Absolutely new medicines are mainly oxycarbejepin (Zenoksa, Celgic), Levatirasitam (Torliva) and Jhunisemid (Jhunisep, Jhannigran). These medicines are still new. These can also be called third generation medicines. Naturally the experience of these medicines is less, but it has been found effective so far. Their side effects are absolutely modest, and it will take it comfortably instead of some old medicines, it seems. Such as oxacarbagepine in place of carbomagepin.

When the main medicine has been used according to the qualified scientific guidance; Says Machpasamchaldh. Before deciding this, the following things should be examined:
This disease is of epilepsy, isn't it? ; The type of epilepsy is fixed properly, isn't it? There is no mistake in finding any cause of epilepsy, isn't it? These things should be re -analyzed and decided.
It has been given in a relative medicine, a qualified quantity, isn't it? The type of epilepsy is given. Incorrect medicine; Epilepsy can also be unique due to pesticides. For example, giving carbomagpin can cause myoclonic type of epilepsy to become uncontrolled.
There is no unqualified dose-vast or unqualified combination, isn't it? The proof of the medicine in the blood is made properly in the person, isn't it? Apart from this, whether the patient has been tested or not? Such as EEG, C.T. Scan and MRI By examining the worthy reason by checking, has been found out?
Similarly, there is no problem from the patient, right? Does the patient actually take a qualified medicine regularly? There is no other mental or physical illness? If any other medicine goes on for other diseases, then epilepsy does not increase due to any adverse effects? Is there any kind of lump in the brain, congenital flaw or any such mess? Specific types of EEG, Spectstade and MRI if needed. Have to do it.

The above reasons have been taken care of and confirming the absence of these reasons is very important for this phase, as these reasons can be mostly deformed and it can lead to a suitable regulation of epilepsy. Despite this and under scientific guidance, two different main medicines (monotherapy) have a six-month qualified dose course and at least one combined medicine (polytherapi) …… the month's course But despite trying two such courses), if the tour keeps on visiting for two years every month, then it is a normal opinion. However, this label should be separated for each patient.
The patient should be diagnosed with the patient's social, economic and employment family and the age of the patient, his mental and physical symptoms or flaws, the patient's uncontrolled epilepsy; In all the patients of epilepsy, about… to… percent patients are like this. Specified steps can be taken for such patients:
(.) New medicines can be tried. In addition to the main medicines, the medicine of second or third generation is used in qualified types of epilepsy in addition to main medicines. Sometimes new drugs can be used as the main drug.

Help & FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Epileptic seizures can be caused by genetics, brain injury, infections, metabolic imbalances, and other neurological disorders.

Treatment options for epileptic seizures in Jaipur can include anti-seizure medications, surgery, a ketogenic diet, lifestyle changes, and alternative therapies. Medication and surgery are the most common treatment options.

You can find a qualified neurologist for epilepsy treatment in Jaipur through referrals from your primary care physician, recommendations from friends and family, or by searching online for neurologists in your area

While there are no natural remedies that can cure epilepsy, some natural therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, and herbal supplements may help manage symptoms and reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. However, it is important to always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before trying any alternative therapies.

While there is no cure for epilepsy, some natural remedies that may help manage seizures include following a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress. However, these remedies should always be discussed with a doctor before trying.

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